History of the School
In 2005, Donald and Lois Verleur, founders of Olive Crest, had a vision. That vision was to create a learning environment where students are empowered to develop self-sufficiency and a sense of pride in their academic success. Olive Crest Academy NOVA Early Colllege High School is the realization of this vision. There are several benefits of attending Olive Crest Academy, which is designed to promote a culture of high academic performance and encourages logical and critical thinking. As a charter school that works collaborate in partnership with Olive Crest, Santa Ana Unified School District, and Santa Ana College (SAC,) Olive Crest Academy students receive both high school and college credits. Students may begin attending courses at Santa Ana College as early as the second semester of their ninth grade year and also have the opportunity to participate vocational programs.Students focus on individualized learning and develop career plans with the assistance of Olive Crest Academy Staff. Olive Crest Academy NOVA ECHS strives to provide each and every student with a complete education designed to fit their needs.