NOVA’s Enrollment Process

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New and returning students may register to attend NOVA Academy as outlined below.

New students are invited to enroll for the upcoming school year during NOVA Academy’s Open Enrollment period. Students may transfer to NOVA Academy during the school year or enroll after the Open Enrollment period if space allows. To go directly to our enrollment page, click here.

Here are the steps to enroll as a new student at NOVA Academy:

Step 1: Submit an Intent to Enroll Form

During the open enrollment period, an Intent to Enroll form must be completed and returned in person to NOVA Academy by the designated end date. Late forms will not be accepted. Each child applying must have his or her own form on file. (If the open enrollment period has ended, students may still enroll based on space available for their grade level.)

Step 2: Public Random Drawing
NOVA Academy admits students subject to its capacity. If the number of pupils who wish to attend exceeds the school’s capacity at any grade level, admission shall be determined by public random drawing. The public is welcome to attend the drawing but presence is not required. NOVA Academy will post the results of the drawing on the school office window and on its website. No information will be provided over the phone. Students who are not selected via the lottery will be placed on a waitlist and will be notified if space becomes available for their admittance.

Step 3: Complete an Admission Packet
Admission packets will be available immediately following the public random drawing. This packet requires the following information: US or foreign government-issued identification, immunization records, proof of residency (gas, electric, or phone bill), unofficial transcripts or 8th grade report card, and CELDT scores. Additionally, incoming students are asked to complete a 1-3 page essay that explains biographical information, why the student wants to attend NOVA Academy, why education is important to the student, and the student’s post high school plans. (This essay is used for the sole purpose of understanding the academic goals of newly-enrolled students and does NOT determine admission into NOVA Academy.) Admission packets missing any information will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted. Admission packets must be completed and returned to NOVA Academy’s school office with all required documentation no later than the deadline date specified. Admission will be forfeited if the packet is not received by this deadline.

Step 4: Acceptance
Upon acceptance, new students will receive a letter of acceptance and will be scheduled for an interview prior to starting school. Interviews are not part of the acceptance process. Like the student essay, interviews are used to acquaint NOVA staff with the individual needs and goals of incoming students and families so that we may provide them the richest education possible.

Step 5: Attend Summer Advantage (Freshmen Only)
NOVA Academy welcomes entering ninth grade students with a two-week program called Summer Advantage. Typically held in June or July, this program is designed and tailored to ensure a successful transition from middle school to high school and help foster new friendships.

To secure enrollment for the following school year, current students at NOVA Academy must complete an Intent to Return form by the specified deadline. This form will be distributed directly to students during school hours and given to parents during information meetings, when possible. If an Intent to Return form is not received by the specified deadline, the student’s position will not be held for the next school year.