Q: What is a charter high school?

A: Charter schools are public schools of choice, meaning that families choose them for their children. Because they are public schools, charter schools:

  • Are open to all children
  • Do not charge tuition
  • Often have smaller class sizes
  • Are free to be more innovative (like an early college high school)

Q: Does my family need to live in Coachella to attend NOVA Academy?
A: No. Because we are a charter school, NOVA Academy accepts all students, regardless of the city in which they live. We welcome students from throughout the Coachella Valley.

Q: What is an early college high school?
A: An early college high school blends high school and college work to enable students to graduate with a high school diploma and earn college credit hours toward a Bachelor’s degree

Q: Is there a fee to attend NOVA Academy?
A: No. NOVA is a public school so there are no tuition fees.

Q: What grades does NOVA offer?
A: 9-12

Q: Can students transfer to NOVA Academy at any grade level or must they start as freshmen?
A: Students can transfer at any time.

Q: Can my student transfer to NOVA Academy in the middle of the school year?
A: Yes, if space permits.

Q: Are NOVA’s students “problem children?”
A: No. Students attend a charter school by choice, not because they are in trouble. By attending, students at NOVA Academy have committed to a rigorous, college culture that focuses on high expectations and diverse academic experiences.