Academic Support

NOVA Academy understands that students learn differently and may require different levels of support. Below are some of the ways we provide extra guidance and instruction to help students succeed in their schooling.

Teacher Office Hours

All teachers at NOVA Academy are available to meet with students during designated office hours, which are posted in every classroom. Students are encouraged to visit teachers during office hours when they have questions or need assistance with their coursework.


When students need more academic support, LINK connects them with teachers and peers who can help boost performance and overall success.

Participation in LINK includes:

  • Meetings twice weekly with an assigned teacher to address individual student needs
  • Additional targeted support during the school day
  • Heavy focus on student’s area of need

LINK is updated monthly to ensure all students have access to the program as needed.

Teacher high-fiving student

NOVA Academy believes in creating a friendly, family-driven culture that helps ensure every student feels a sense of belonging and personal support. This is accomplished by using a block of time during the school day to bring students together as a family unit. Upon enrollment, students are paired with others in their grade so their “families” can grow and progress together throughout their time at NOVA.

Family time is dedicated to:

  • Student growth, accountability, and support
  • College planning, goals, and reflection
  • Service and compassion for others

This concept has been so successful that it has been replicated at other schools.

Summer School

Summer school is held on campus in June to assist students with credit recovery and help get them back on track to meet graduation requirements.