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Paul Fernandez
Paul Fernandez

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Beatriz Acosta
Beatriz Acosta

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Arlene Meza
Arlene Meza

College Advisor
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Program Overview

NOVA Academy’s counseling department is a safe and affirming environment for students to develop academically and emotionally toward their college and career goals. We implement a proactive, data-driven, student-centered program that facilitates rigorous academic development, collaboration within the community, and the accomplishments of post-secondary milestones pre-graduation. Our partnerships with institutions like Santa Ana College provide opportunities for students to explore, excel, and establish themselves in the greater global community.

A Message to Parents

We are privileged to partner with students and their families in their educational and career planning. Below is information to help parents and guardians successfully collaborate with the counselors at NOVA Academy.

What Do School Counselors Do?

The school counselor is responsible for three domains in your child’s education: academic, social/emotional, and college/career. School counselors guide students academically so that they’ll achieve their full potential as they learn and grow. Counselors will also ensure that all students get the support and resources they need to develop socially and emotionally. Counselors at NOVA Academy coordinate college and career readiness through dual enrollment opportunities, college field trips, career exploration, and the college application process.

Counselors Can Help You Better Understand Your Child as a Student

As a parent, you know your child best. However, the school counselors are trained and equipped to help your child as a student. It’s important to encourage your child as they navigate all challenges including academic, social, emotional, and college/career.

Counselors Can Address Concerns, Identify Resources, and Find Solutions

In case you or your child have a need, please work with your school counselor to find a solution. Counselors will collect necessary information to appropriately help your child and will discuss resources available inside and outside of school. Parents, counselors, and students will work together towards success in your child’s education.

Communication Between Counselor and Parent

Counselors will communicate with parents as needed. This can be through email, phone calls, or in-person meetings. When a parent has questions or concerns, please contact the school counselor through phone or email. To better serve parents, please schedule in-person meetings in advance via phone call or email.

Connect with a School Counselor


  • CALL the school office or counselor directly to schedule an appointment
  • EMAIL your child’s counselor directly
  • DROP IN to schedule a time to meet


  • CALL during non-school hours and leave a voicemail
  • EMAIL your counselor directly from your NOVA student email
  • DROP IN before school, during lunch, or after school. Please communicate with your teacher in the event of an emergency.

Forms and Resources

Student Forms

Request to see a School Counselor Google Form
OCBus Pass Request Form
Community Service Form
Request for a Work Permit (Intent to Employ a Minor) Form

Academic Requirements

See NOVA Academy’s Student Handbook here!

College and Dual Enrollment