College Classes

Students may begin taking college courses second semester of their freshman year, upon meeting eligibility requirements. NOVA Academy covers the cost of tuition, books, and fees so that our students may enroll in these courses free of charge. This saves students both time and money as they begin creating pathways to college and career success—while still in high school.

CollegeMinimum GPALocation of Class
Santa Ana College2.85All classes at SAC, except CNSL 116 (held at NOVA Academy)
Concordia University3.00NOVA Academy
UC Irvine3.30NOVA Academy

Here are some of the college classes taken recently by students at NOVA Academy:

FALL 2018

American Sign Language I; American Sign Language II; Argumentation and Debate; Basic Blueprint Reading; Beginning and Intermediate Algebra; Beginning Sewing; Biology; California and Federal Taxes; Career/Life Planning and Exploration; Child Growth and Development; CNC Program Reading; Concepts of Criminal Law; Cultural Geography; Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice; Elementary French; Elementary Spanish; Elementary Vietnamese; Food Sanitation and Safety; Intro to American Governments; Introduction to Art Concepts; Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; Introduction to Digital Media Arts; Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance; Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship​; Introduction to International Business; Introduction to Philosophy; Introduction to Psychology; Introductory Logic; Introductory Sociology; Liberal Arts Math; Personal Finance; Principles in the Social Sciences; Public Speaking; Science Fiction and Science Fact; Training Academy Preparation; Trigonometry; Writing and Research; World Regional Geography


American Sign Language; Beginning Cardio Kickboxing; Biology; Biology Lab; Career/Life Planning and Personal Exploration; Child Growth and Development; Culture and International Business; Dance History and Appreciation; Decorative Apparel; Elementary Spanish; Ethics and Professional Responsibility; Exceptionality and Special Needs in Human Development; Financial Accounting; Fire Technology; Fundamentals of Business; History of Film to 1945; History of Film 1945 to Present; Intermediate Swimming; Introduction to Architecture/Civil Engineering/Construction (AEC); Introduction to Art Concepts; Introduction to Criminal Justice; Introduction to Drawing; Introduction to Engineering; Introduction to Legal Studies; Introduction to Philosophy; Introduction to Psychology; Legal Environment of Business; Piano; Visual Communications


Argumentation and Debate; AutoCad 2/Computer-Aided Drafting; Beginning Photography; Beginning Voice; Career/Life Planning; Child Growth and Development: Child, Family, and Community; Computer and Society; Computer Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy Development; Engineering Drawing; Financial Accounting; Fundamentals of Biology; Fundamentals of Biology Laboratory; Fundamentals of Business; History of Animation; Introduction to Child Psychology; Introduction to Corrections; Introduction to Criminal Justice; Introduction to Digital Media Arts; Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Introduction to Interpersonal Communication; Introduction to Legal Studies; Introduction to Major Fields of Engineering; Introduction to Psychology; Introduction to Sociology; Introduction to Stars & Galaxies; Introduction to Stone Setting-Jewelry; Introduction to Vietnamese; Java Programming; Mexican-American History in the United States; Principles of Management; Principles of Marketing; Study Skills; The Art of the Essay; The United States Since 1865