2019 Alumni

As alumni, you are an important part of the NOVA family and we want to keep in touch. Please see below for just some of the ways you can reconnect and be involved. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Tell Us How to Reach You
Provide your current contact information and we’ll keep you in the loop regarding opportunities for alumni, along with NOVA news and events that may interest you.

Join Our Social Channels
Follow NOVA Academy on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Share Your Story
Tell us what you’re doing and how NOVA helped support your path to success. With your permission, we may feature your story in future marketing projects, including our website.

Help with College Tours
Remember touring college campuses when you were a student at NOVA? Now you can help make those experiences more personal by assisting with a tour at your campus. Tell us where you’re attending college and we’ll reach out if we’re coming to your school.

Talk to Our Students
Come back to school as a guest speaker or a member of an alumni panel. Did you graduate from the university of your dreams or land the job you always wanted? Are you in the midst of your college education and have tips to share? Our current students would love to be inspired by a fellow Eagle.


Serve as an Alumni Ambassador
It is our goal to provide more opportunities for alumni to engage with NOVA and former classmates. If you would like to help get the word out about events or provide feedback about ideas for alumni involvement, please let us know.

Support NOVA Academy
Donate to support current students at NOVA Academy. Give now!