Your Early College High School Experience

Your early college high school experience will be rigorous, rewarding, and yes—fun! Upon graduating from NOVA Academy, you will have saved both time and money by earning up to two years of college credit toward a Bachelor’s degree. Along the way, you will have opportunities to participate in clubs, field trips, and events that will ensure your time at NOVA Academy is educational, inspiring, and memorable.

Here’s an overview of what your years at NOVA Academy will entail:


Each student’s personalized schedule is designed with a view toward the entire four-year program. The ninth grade curriculum sets the foundation for high school success through a blending of required core courses, such as Math, English, and Biology, with additional classes determined by individual student assessments and choice. In addition, NOVA Academy requires seminar courses that are customized to each grade level and successfully guide students through their high school, college, and career endeavors. Freshman Seminar covers such topics as High School 101, Road Map to College, MLA Formatting, Drug and Alcohol Education, and Emotional and Sexual Health.

Students are eligible for college after they have completed one semester at NOVA Academy. They must have met NOVA’s eligibility requirements during that semester to qualify for college enrollment the following semester. Students must remain full-time high school students and part-time college students and therefore cannot be enrolled in more than nine college credits during any semester. College courses are generally available online, on NOVA’s campus, and on site at partner institutions. All college courses, books, and other fees are free to students at NOVA Academy.


During a student’s sophomore year, required core courses like Chemistry, World History, and English are combined with other offerings that are selected according to each student’s individual learning level and interest. This may include a specific activity for PE or honors classes. Sophomore Seminar subjects include High School 201, Road Map to College, College Pathways, and Community Service. Eligible sophomores may also incorporate up to nine college credits into their schedule.


Coursework becomes even more customized during a student’s junior year. Classes like Math, Science, and Electives are selected based on proficiency and interest. Elective courses cover a broad range of subjects such as drama, marine biology, digital filmmaking, creative writing, and yearbook. Junior Seminar becomes increasingly focused on college preparation and includes Road Map to College, SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test preparation and interim testing, and College Pathways. Eligible students may also take up to nine college credits.


A senior’s class schedule includes new subjects like Government and Economics, but is once again customized to each student’s interests and progress. For example, math offerings include Consumer Math, Statistics, and Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry. There is also a broad list of elective courses from which to choose, and the opportunity to take up to nine college credits. Senior seminar dedicates a lot of time to the completion of senior exit portfolios, which are required for graduation, and presented to a panel of community members at the end of the school year. Students also put careful thought into colleges they would like to attend and are assisted with the application process, with the goal of every senior being accepted into college upon graduating from NOVA Academy.