Enrichment Programs

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Summer InNOVAtion

Our Summer InNOVAtion program bridges the transition from middle school to high school. Typically held in June, incoming freshmen are expected to attend this free program where they will:

  • Complete academic assessments
  • Set goals for high school
  • Establish familiarity with school layout, expectations, and resources
  • Participate in fun activities, including college tour
  • Build and strengthen friendships with classmates

When students require extra academic support, LINK connects them with teachers and peers who can help boost performance and overall success.

Participation in LINK includes:

  • Meetings twice weekly with assigned teacher to address individual student needs
  • An additional hour of targeted support during the school day
  • Heavy focus on student’s area of targeted need

LINK is updated monthly to ensure all students have access to the program as needed. Regardless of LINK status, all teachers are available to provide assistance before and after school so every student has an opportunity to master content.


All seniors are required to complete exit portfolios that contain a heartfelt collection of work to represent their reflections and achievements in academic studies, personal growth, and extracurricular activities.

Senior Exit Portfolios are evaluated on:

  • Demonstration of character, skills, and academic development during the student’s high school career
  • Gathering of evidence, organization, and preparation
  • Formal panel presentation and interview with working professionals, community leaders, and educators


NOVA Academy believes that a true component of citizenship is demonstrated when individuals make an effort to positively impact their community. By fulfilling the required hours of volunteer service, students will be able to gain insight and empathy, acquire life and job skills, and build a résumé toward their college and professional careers. Students are required to complete 20 community service hours annually for a total of 80 hours before graduation.


Our student-led club program provides students a voice in their school, fosters interest and growth, and promotes a positive culture on campus. Current and recent clubs include:

  • Bible
  • Chess
  • Drawing
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Environmental
  • Game
  • Guitar
  • Hallyu (K-pop)
  • Handicrafts
  • Honor Society
  • Nintendo
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • Poetry
  • Self-care
  • Senior
  • Soccer
  • Yearbook


Associated Student Body Council (ASB)

The Associated Student Body Council (ASB), often referred to as NOVA’s Leadership Program, plays a large part in creating and maintaining a positive culture on campus. In addition to helping facilitate events found at most schools, such as awards assemblies, student orientation, back to school night, and open house, our Leadership also hosts numerous activities both during and after school hours, including prom and other dances, fundraisers, and spirit competitions. 

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors play an important role representing NOVA Academy as part of a dynamic program that includes leadership development and training. Responsibilities include willingness to take initiative by leading committees, activities, and small groups while maintaining a professional manner. In addition, Ambassadors serve as stewards of the student voice with all stakeholders of NOVA Academy, including donors, parents, student body, and community leaders. To be considered for the position of Ambassador, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 and have received no F’s during the previous semester.


Art is a vibrant facet of our program and invaluable to all students, regardless of their future pursuits. Art teaches social responsibility by providing a positive means of self-expression and understanding of others’ viewpoints, as well as a foundation for creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. Students are introduced to fundamentals in both drawing and painting. For those who desire to continue an art focus, students can take Studio Art, Textile, Video Production, and AP Studio Art. Small class sizes provide an exceptional opportunity for individualized instruction and development.


Summer school is offered to help students who need extra assistance with their coursework or whose grades were unsatisfactory during the regular school year. Contact our campus directly for more information about scheduling for the next summer session.